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Call Today to Find the Perfect Bundle for You!
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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you get the most out of your Access Montana services, we answer your FAQs below so you can troubleshoot your issue and get back to surfing, talking, and watching!

If you have a question that you don’t see listed below? Contact us and we’ll get you an answer.


Q: Who do I talk to for billing questions and changes?
A: Call our Customer Service Team at (406) 676-3300 or email

Q: Will I receive a paper bill?
A: Yes; however, we do offer the convenience of online billing.

Q: When will I receive my bill each month?
A: Customer will receive their bill on or around the 1st of each month.

Q: When is my bill due each month?
A: Bills are due on the 10th of each month.

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Q: I don’t understand how to read my bill. What does everything mean on there?
A: For an explanation of your billing statement, check out this PDF.

Q: What should I do if my credit card is declined?
A: If your credit card fails payment, you will be notified that your payment has failed and that you need to update or change your credit card information.

Q: How do I put my account on hold?
A: Call our Customer Service Team at (406) 676-3300 or email

Q: What can I do if my service is suspended for non-payment?
A: If your service is suspended for non-payment, it is recommended you contact our Customer Service Team at (406) 676-3300.

Q: My E-Bill is locked? What do I do?
A: If you are unable to access or locked out of your E-Bill Account, it is recommended you contact our customer Service Team at (406) 676-3300.

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300 Main Street SW  |  Ronan MT  59864

© 2018 Access Montana. All rights reserved.

300 Main Street SW  |  Ronan MT  59864

© 2018 Access Montana. All rights reserved.

Covid-19 Message

Access Montana values the health and safety of our team members and our customers greatly. We are closely monitoring the constantly changing events that surround the Coronavirus threat (COVID-19) and are adopting new procedures to help maintain a healthy environment for our team.

Access Montana has adopted the following plan, which will be in effect until May 31, 2020:

As of now, our sales office is open but is limiting access to customers that are dropping off and/or picking up equipment.

All operational buildings are closed to the public

We encourage all payments be made online at, over the phone, or by check which can be mailed or dropped in our lockbox locations (300 Main St SW, Ronan Harvest Foods, or Pablo Family foods)

Access Montana will provide free internet installs to residential and small business customers

Access Montana will offer a $25 credit per month on internet services for new accounts

A $25 monthly credit for internet services will be offered to existing customers that have a member of the household in school or have switched to remotely working for their job. Please call 406-676-3300 and ask how to apply for this credit

Access Montana will refrain from suspending any customers that have been affected by COVID-19

Late fees for nonpayment will not be charged on the accounts also affected by COVID-19

We are taking these steps to assist our communities for dislocations that may arise as the threat of the COVID-19 progresses. As part of these steps, we want to also encourage anyone that is experiencing or has experienced flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days to please contact our office, by phone, prior to our team members being dispatched to a customer’s home or business for a service call or an install. Questions regarding customer’s health status will also be asked when scheduling calls. In turn, to assure your safety, we are asking the same of our team members.

Please continue to follow our updates on our website,, and our Facebook page.